A not for profit 501C3 Corporation


Mission Statement

To provide the public awareness and access to Quality & Affordable denture related service providers


The American Denture Wearers United, Inc. was created and organized to bring awareness to the denture wearing public; of which there are 60+ million individuals in the United States; that there exists a choice in receiving denture related oral health care services by a practitioner other than a dentist.

We invite you to explore this website and the attached links to learn about:

  •  Who these other providers are.
  •  Their history.
  •  Their education.
  •  The legal battles they have and are currently fighting for you. And, of course, who and what  they are fighting.

All dental, medical and health related studies show a drastic need for improving the dental health care of the American consumer. Access to a quality orientated provider is the key. The obstacle is the American Dental Association [ADA], its’ component state organizations, the states individual state board of dentistry, and some individual dentists.

We ask you to share your comments, in our public comments area, so that other individuals who may be less inclined can see that there are others who share and feel their individual frustrations.

And for those of you who can, we ask that you please DONATE whatever amount you are comfortable with. As you can see, we are battling one of the largest legislative contributors and associations; and the main blockage to YOUR access to these alternative health care providers.