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Let us look at a denture in a manner that few, on either side of this argument have and define what a denture really is: A denture is not merely a product, but rather a functional, biophysiologic appliance designed not only to replace lost human dentition and associated tissues, but to aid in the restoration of adequate neuromuscular, masticatory, and oratory functions of the patient as well. Additionally, the denture shall reestablish normal, functional digestive activity. It employs applied neurophysiologic techniques based on the theory that the masticatory apparatus, when physiologically and/or pathologically out of balance, results in a variety of human health conditions, many of which may be corrected through the use of removable prosthetic appliances.

Today’s medical denturist is educated under an educational program that, in many ways, follows the homeopathic teachings of the Osteopathic medical student rather than the allopathic teachings of organized dentistry. The denture is a part of the human body just the same as an artificial arm, leg or any other replacement body part. To think of a denture as any less is to demonstrate one’s ignorance of the physiology of the human body.

Why is it when an individual needs a heart bypass or some medical operation they seek out the best individual they can locate for that operation. Yet, when it comes to dentures – the cheapest place in town will do just fine! This simply doesn’t make much sense when you really realize what a denture really is, a medical device.