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The American Academy of Medical Denturitry was founded in Montana in 1994 and utilized various formats of the American Medical Association’s and the American Osteopathic Association’s guidelines as our foundation. The rationale for this guidance is that the medical denturitry student is taught that the oral cavity is essentially a stand-alone organ, a never before approach to the training and educating of dentists or any other oral health care worker. To separate the mouth and its nerves and blood supplies from the rest of the body, we believe is a disservice.

Contrary to Dentistry, whose approach to denture services is isolated or compartmentalized as being tooth-related, Denturitry Medicine since 1994 has approached its teachings in a holistic manner, meaning the body is viewed in totality and the required denture service, is not viewed as a tooth-related condition. Much of the medical denturitry educational program comes from the Osteopathic physicians’ teachings and techniques. Coming from a medical approach to denture related care and treatment is a relatively new concept in oral health care, but it is a far superior approach to total holistic health. What is interesting is that organized dentistry is now beginning to examine this same approach, albeit some 20 years after denturitry medicine, to dental services in general.

Medical Denturitry students are taught an educational program that is accredited by the Commission on Medical Denturitry Accreditation [COMDA], which is a program under the auspices of the American Academy of Medical Denturitry. The actual educational program is comprised of course given to medical students of Medicine and Osteopathy, as well as Dentistry. The medical denturitry student’s education is homeopathic in nature, much the same as the osteopathic students, and not the allopathic teachings of dentistry. This educational program is prepared and approved by the Council on Medical Denturitry Education [COMDE], which again, is a program under the American Academy of Medical Denturitry